The Subtle Shifts of Radical Change

Navigating the everyday shifts in business, work and leadership in the post-COVID-19 world

By Nikhil Arora

"To Weather The Crisis, Businesses Must Collaborate to Serve the Community"

Unlocked, but still not free.

Whether you’re heading back to work, or trying to rebuild your career or business post-pandemic, you are likely to find a world that may look the same, but behaves very differently. Rapidly changing priorities, displaced social and workplace norms, and an amplified sense of uncertainty can make you feel out of step, adding on to your sense of fatigue and isolation. Moving forward from here calls for a conscious act of shifting to newer behaviors and attitudes that will help you adapt to the new normal. This book, based on the author’s observations as a business leader and expert panelist on corporate and workplace response to the pandemic, is an attempt to help you identify and make these shifts.


Your takeaways from the book:

  • Post-pandemic, the short-term is as uncertain as the long-term. Past data trends don’t apply to today’s scenarios, robbing us of most of our assumptions and certainties, and making us all beginners again. How can you move from certainty or entitlement to humility? How can you make decisions without data? And how can you find the strength and agility to go past the pain and remain excited about new opportunities?
  • The pace of change, within and outside organizations, will remain accelerated in the near future. What does this mean for leaders and those aspiring to become leaders? What role can leaders play in decision making when data is scarce and unreliable? What are the right attributes for leading a workplace in digital collaboration?
  • The crisis has displaced one of the key bases for innovation – consumer behavior. What are the changing consumer needs that will drive innovation in products and services?
  • What does the future of work look like? How can you apply the principles of innovation to your own career to adapt to the changing nature of work?

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