The Subtle Shifts
of Radical Change

An e-book by Nikhil Arora

Navigating the everyday shifts changes in
business, work and leadership in the post-COVID-19 world



The Subtle Shifts
of Radical Change

Unlocked, but still not free.

Whether you’re heading back to work, or trying to rebuild your career or business post-pandemic, you are likely to find a world that may look the same, but behaves very differently. Rapidly changing priorities, displaced social and workplace norms, and an amplified sense of uncertainty can make you feel out of step, adding on to your sense of fatigue and isolation. Moving forward from here calls for a conscious act of shifting to newer behaviors and attitudes that will help you adapt to the new normal. This book, based on the author’s observations as a business leader and expert panelist on corporate and workplace response to the pandemic, is an attempt to help you identify and make these shifts.


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About the Author

A driven corporate executive who believes in “being missionary first before being a mercenary”, Nikhil Arora is always looking for avenues where he can make an impact and create digital transformation. In a career spanning two decades and five countries, Nikhil has led several functions including corporate strategy, business development, marketing, finance and operations for various global entities. He has helped launch several new businesses in his tenure at these organizations, and is passionate about grassroots digital innovation and giving voice to good ideas – wherever they may come from.

Nikhil is currently responsible for leading GoDaddy’s India business, constantly working towards identifying new growth strategies for small businesses in the country. Nikhil joined the company in 2017, and since then, has taken the world’s largest internet domain registrar and web hosting company to new summits, bagging the honor of The Economic Times Best Brands 2019 Award and NexBrands’ Thought leadership & Brand Innovation Award for two times in a row. His focus is on forging a connection with entrepreneurs as they try to make their way in a fast-changing economy, and has become an avid voice for small businesses opening themselves up to digital possibilities. Recent recipient of The Economic Times’ Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2019 award, Nikhil has been using press and social media platforms to highlight important ways in which the consumer is changing, and the various resources small businesses have at their disposal today to capture this new market.


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In The News

Nikhil is constantly working towards identifying new growth strategies for small businesses in the country and has been featured in major publications.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Salim-Suleiman and Nikhil have been working through Blue Productions and Zariya on creating opportunities for folk musicians through collaborations and by bringing folk artists on tour with them. As they got closer to the musicians, they realised that their living conditions were rough and that needed some attention.

Nikhil Arora, MD and VP, GoDaddy India, talks about how responsible enterprises help leverage the power of technology to bring together communities and deliver social good, while staying true to their purpose.

Amidst the current challenging Covid times, entrepreneurs and small business owners in India are uncertain about the future of their business. GoDaddy and Ketto’s initiative is aimed at providing easier access to fundraising opportunities.